Our History

Michael Nardelli came to the United States in 1888 as an immigrant from Venefro, Italy. He started the family farm in 1898 and eventually acquired multiple farms in the Cedarville, NJ area. Michael Nardelli was highly regarded as a pioneer in the Southern New Jersey immigrant farming community. Michael was instrumental in helping other local Italian immigrants to start and maintain their own farming operations and was known as the “King Man” of the local farming community.

James Nardelli took over the family farming operations with his brothers but was wounded during WWI and died of his battle injuries in 1937 shortly after returning. James Nardelli became the man of the house at age 14 shortly after his father James’s passing. He continued to run the family farm through his adulthood until 1941, when he purchased his first truck allowing him to buy, sell, and distribute produce for his family’s farm as well as other area growers.

Throughout his life, James Nardelli along with his brothers John and Henry, grew Nardelli Lake View Farms into a very large multi-million dollar enterprise. James Nardelli passed away in 2001, after a lifetime of service to the family business and to his community.

Bill Nardelli Sr. is the son of James Nardelli, and joined the family business in 1975 at the age of fifteen. Since then sales volume has tripled and the customer base has increased to all major cities east of the Mississippi River including eastern Canada.

Today, the Nardelli family continues to operate a large number of modern produce farms within close proximity to our Cedarville headquarters. We still own and operate our original main family farm that was started by the first generation Nardelli’s in 1898.

Every acre of our farming operations is fully irrigated using the most modern farming techniques available. Our practices and products are USDA certified, and are audited by third-party USDA approved inspectors for quality and sanitation. We take great care to ensure that the products we produce on each of our farms meet the standards and quality set by the Nardelli reputation.

Nardelli Lakeview Farms is a Blue Book trading member, and is recognized by Red Book, Jersey Fresh, United Fresh and the Leafy Greens Council. We are also independently audited by the USDA for good agricultural practices and food safety.