Nardelli Lake View Farms Overcoming Challenges

Nardelli Lake View Farms Overcoming Challenges

The Nardelli family has been involved in the produce business for the greater part of a century and Nardelli Bros. Inc.- Lake View Farms has kept that legacy going.

The Cedarville, NJ-based company ships its own produce that it grows on its large farms in Southern New Jersey, and also offers cooling operations, packing and shipping and delivery and transportation services.

Its roster of products includes asparagus, beans, beats, blueberries, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, herbs, lettuce, mixed greens, nectarines, onions, parsley, pickles, peppers, peaches, radishes, spinach, sweet potatoes, strawberries, squash, tomatoes, turnips and yams.

“We’re going strong in New Jersey right now with the end of our wet items, such as collards and kale and greens still harvesting,” said Bill Nardelli Jr., vice president of sales for Nardelli Lake View Farms, who is part of the fifth generation of the family working for the company. “The weather has been very favorable. We’ve had a mild fall and things have progressed nicely to finish out the end of the deal here.”

Additionally, hard squash will continue to go through the Christmas season out of storage, and most of the dried stuff is finished in the Northeast.

However, in the fall, the company raises product both in Georgia and Florida, to keep things going year-round.

“What normally happens about now is we start to transition into Georgia, and we’re working corn out of the Southern end and starting some beans right now,” Nardelli said. “We’ll continue to go with that until the first part of December, and then we’ll start our greens harvest in Georgia.”

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